Better East Texas: UT system raising tuition

Better East Texas: UT system raising tuition

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It was recently announced that the University of Texas system, with numerous campuses across the state, was raising tuition starting this fall and again next fall.

The tuition increases average in the three percent range each year.  Regents stated that the increased revenue would go to improve the national ranking on faculty and staff salaries – which is one of the lowest - as well as keeping up with inflation.

Most Texans understand that costs increase over time, but the UT Regents appear to have addressed only on -side of the college cost conversation.  If costs are going to increase, expenses need to be examined as well.  And there is no evidence that U-T decision makers addressed cutting costs to at least go part of the way in minimizing the impact of higher tuition.  No expense cuts appear to have been identified at all.

The situation is magnified when you consider that pockets of the state economy, especially the energy sector, are slowing and that impacts state revenue and ultimately the ability for many families to afford a higher education.  The most likely response by many families and students will be to take on additional debt to pay for the increased costs and that is not a solution at all.

Ultimately, students will pay the increase, and we'll be able to chalk it up to economic pressures and rising costs in general but this is something that should have been addressed with the bigger picture in mind. A higher education is invaluable but it must remain a reasonable investment for all.

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