Better East Texas: Parties need to rally around their candidates

Better East Texas: Parties need to rally around their candidates

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cruising to victory in many states on Tuesday, the field of candidates in both parties is destined to contract.

Trump and Clinton are most likely going to meet in the general election in November and there are many people on both sides of the isle that are not happy.  This will be an election between the democratic establishment and the republican anti-establishment and really – neither party has a strong union.

Democrats are nervous and republicans are divided.  But it will take one or both of those parties and the electorate that feels left out, to step up and surround their candidates.

It will be difficult for many but it must happen, especially for the republicans who have essentially shredded each other just to get to the general election.  It is like the baseball team that uses its entire pitching staff exhaustively in the playoffs only to have them sore and ineffective once they make it to the World Series.

The democrats have a load of votes that align with Bernie Sanders that will gradually find another home.  Donald Trump has been able to weather the shouting, name calling and policy variations, but now must reach out to the sixty-five percent of republicans that have not voted for him.  It will take a softening of Trump's message and he must become more like the office that he seeks – in a regal, respect-inspiring way. I am not sure he can do it.

Trump and Clinton will now also turn their focus on each other and hopefully true policy differences will be the talking points, not name calling and temper tantrums.

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