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3/28/05-Harrison County

Woman Upset That Neighbor's Sewage Is Running Onto Her Property

It's quite a problem in Harrison County and Julie Rhodes says its been happening since December. Her neighbor's sewage is overflowing onto the back of her five acres. Her home is located off Pineridge road in Harrison County. The problem is one without an easy solution. This past December, Julie and her husband had been enjoying unusually warm temperatures.

"It was a pretty day out in December. We had our bedroom windows open. We were in our kitchen and when we walked by the bedroom door, I smelled a God awful smell," says Julie.

It soon became clear that smell was raw sewage from Julie's neighbors. The sewage had run from the back of their house onto Julie's property.

"That's when I called James Hester, the environmentalist out of Marshall, and told him what was going on. He said he would be here in 24 hours and that the problem would be solved," says Julie.

The environmentalist was there within 24 hours, but the problem was not solved that quickly. Julie's neighbors, had just moved into the home. It had even passed an inspection. They were unaware the potential for the sewage problem.

"We had no idea. So it just sprung on us as soon as we moved in here. If we had of known we wouldn't have moved in here," says owner Ami Peck.

For Ami and her husband Randall, the problem seemed impossible for them to correct. A new sewage system would cost them around $14,000. That's money Ami says they don't have. A month ago, Ami's husband had to go before a judge.

"He's trying to get financial help in order to help us, because we can't afford it," says Ami.

For now, Harrison County is trying to obtain a grant that would pay for a new septic system. But, until then, both Julie and the Peck family will have to deal with the smell. The Peck family says they can't afford to move out temporarily while they wait for the new septic system. They say when they bought the house back in September, FHA inspected the property, but never indicated there could be a problem with the sewage.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com

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