Proud of East Texas: Zonta Antiques

Proud of East Texas: Zonta Antiques

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Zonta Club of Greater East Texas has been supporting women's causes from the proceeds of their antique show for the past 41 years.

"The Zonta Club was a counterpart. It was like the female edition of Rotary Club, so all the women in Zonta Club owned a business or was an executive in business," Julia Barron said.

Julia Barron and Martha Glasgow are among generations of Longview women who have seen the needs of their community and have worked hard to fill them.

Julia moved to Longview in 1972, and as an owner of a bookstore, joined Zonta to help in the community. There were many needs for women in the community, but coming up with the money to help the different causes was the problem.

"I think one of the first things we really wanted to do was to try to come up with enough money to really fund some scholarships for women, especially young women who might not have the opportunity to go to college and wanted to go," said Julia.

It was Julia's mother who came up with the idea of the antique show.

"Antique shows were really one of the things in the 70's. They were very very popular, but there wasn't anything like that in East Texas, nobody was doing that." Julia explained.

It took about two years to get the first antique show off the ground. Julia was the first chairman.

Even though Zonta members were professionals, they also worked endless hours getting the antique show together, manning the stations and coming up with whatever was needed.

"Every member of Zonta Club had to bake six pies, six pies. You have to remember these were ladies who worked 40 hours a week," Julia said.

Actually, there were some members who had never baked a pie before.

"We had a few people who were the pie Nazis who said we won't serve that pie, but we'll eat it anyway," said Julia.

The Zonta tea room and pie bar are still one of the most popular features of the show. Of course, the antiques are the stars of the show and have pulled huge crowds ever since the show opened.

The dealers are juried and many have been with the show since the beginning.

"Most of the dealers come back and they say that the Longview show is the best show, the best buyers, the nicest people, and they come back year after year," said Martha.

Advertising executive Martha Glasgow is not only a natural as the show's publicity chair, the antique show has been a family tradition since her mother first took her to a show years ago.

Martha says the show is now a family affair.

"I now have two daughters who were introduced to the show as my mother introduced me to the show when I moved to Longview in 1986," she said.

With the Zonta Club of Greater East Texas kicking off their 42nd antique show March 4-6, Julia Barron, Martha Glasgow and other Zonta members past and present, can look forward to a successful show, as well as looking back at the hundreds of women their efforts have helped.

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