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Proud Of East Texas: Dogwood Trails

The re-emergence of beautiful blooms after the dead of winter, plays a symbolic role in our Easter season. The city of Palestine has long celebrated the beauty and religious legend of the Dogwood Tree in their annual "Texas Dogwood Trails Celebration".

It's said that the idea for the Dogwood trails was hatched over a cup of coffee 67 years ago and now over twenty thousand people visit the celebration annually. The celebration's main attraction, Davey Dogwood Park, was given to Anderson County, by M.A. Davey 1944.

Although you won't find the story in the Bible, the legend of the Dogwood attracts many visitors. According to legend, the Dogwood Tree was once as big as the proud oak, but when it was used to make the cross it was distressed to be used for such cruelty. Jesus took pity on the Dogwood's suffering and promised that therafter it would be slender and bent, with blossoms that formed a cross. Each petal would have nail prints stained with blood and at the center of the flower would be the image of the crown of thorns. The "Texas Dogwood Trails Celebration" runs through April 3rd.


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