Longview Creek Site Of Illegal Dumping

Some Longview residents are tired of illegal dumping around a stream in their neighborhood. Homeowners in the area of Gum Springs road, that's east of Eastman road say the stream that runs through their neighborhood is constantly being used as a dump site.

"We live here and we've got people that don't live here and don't care about this area, they come and dump their garbage" says longtime resident Anita Wirth.

Wirth grew up in the area of gum springs road. As a little girl she fished in the local stream, but those days are over.

"It's killing the fish that used to live in the stream, it's frustrating and humiliating to bring people to my home and they have to see this" she says.

Piles of garbage , including old tires, trash bags , plastic bottles and even a mattress and box springs, now litter the creek and road way.

"I can't even take my children walking without seeing garbage" she says.

The creek runs from Cotton street south past Pinecrest country club, through the golf course to south of Gum Springs, carrying the trash with it. Those who have lived in the area for many years are outraged that the stream where they used to fish has become a catch-all for garbage, and wirth has one thing to say to those who've done this.

"I would like to say how would you like it if i came and dumped my garbage in your yard" she says. Bob Hallmark reporting.