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Freedom Fighters: Willie Ivy

Willie Ivy was one of the last U.S. Cavalrymen to ride horses and one of the first to ride in armored vehicles. When Ivy joined the Cavalry in 1936, a Cavalryman's transportation was his horse. But by 1942, with World War II in full force, the Cavalry's gallant steeds were replaced with armored vehicles. So, when Ivy was sent to North Africa and later to Italy, it was mechanized horsepower that took him into battle. Ivy was assigned to head up a reconnaissance team, often described as a "suicide outfit."

He was wounded three times during three major Italian campaigns. Numerous medals attest to Ivy's courage and dedication. Willie Ivy served in the U.S. Armed Forces 29 years, another fifteen years were served in a civil service job. At 89 years of age, Ivy, who lives in Hemphill, looks back on his service with pride.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.


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