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"World class facility" Senator Cornyn congratulates Tyler on career and tech center

Source: KLTV Staff Source: KLTV Staff

US Senator John Cornyn on a visit to Tyler, touted Tyler ISD's new Career and Technology Center and the example it sets for districts across the state and country. Cornyn joined top school and city officials for a tour of the facility.

"I congratulate Tyler ISD for creating this world class facility which is really pretty amazing," Cornyn said during a press conference following the tour.

During a round table event, Cornyn and officials discussed the importance of of hands-on learning programs for the entire spectrum of students and their futures.

Cornyn said, "The fact is, there are a lot of very good jobs available to people who decide not to get a four year degree."

With a state of the art industrial kitchen, culinary arts students are learning using the best.

"It really kind of blows me away to see what you’re doing," Cornyn remarked of the facility and its programs.

Many students spend their time at the CTC building and programming robots. 

"A lot of the students are going to be competing for jobs that haven’t ever been created yet," Cornyn said, further demonstrating the impact of the cutting edge training offered in this vast facility.

Cornyn chose Tyler's CTC as a setting to tout the recently passed ESSA, or Every Student Succeeds Act, which Cornyn called a “fix” to 2001’s No Child Left Behind Act.

"What we’ve done with ESSA is, we’ve pushed that back down to local school districts, parents, teachers."

Cornyn said the ESSA prevents legislation that would potentially mandate curriculum on the federal level, curriculum like Common Core.

"Micromanagement kills innovation and kills the entrepreneurial spirit, I think what we see here is the benefit of that state and local control."

Flanked by Tyler city and school officials proud to show off this state-of-the art facility, which will train East Texas students for decades to come.

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