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Better East Texas: Put political process back in hands of voters


The election process in the U.S. always seems to generate new terms and new areas of focus that become thematic labels that represent these races.

In the 2016 election, at least on the Democratic side of the ticket, the term “superdelegate” has emerged. And it is quickly becoming a flash point. If you look at the New Hampshire primary, in particular, you see the role of the superdelegate and how important it really is.

Superdelegates and those individuals that have been elected or appointed to positions of power in the Democratic Party and they represent 30 percent of the delegates needed for the nomination.

They typically mirror the popular vote in their state but they are not obligated to. In fact, while Sen. Bernie Sanders won the popular vote by a huge 22 percent, he ended up splitting the superdelegates with Secretary Hillary Clinton with 15 apiece. You heard that right, each candidate received 15 superdelegates after the New Hampshire primary.

Now, they can change their allegiance but the alignments are not currently reflective of the vote results. This is just another example of why voters despise the so-called establishment candidates and, in this case, the process. Rules like those that enable superdelegates to reject the will of the people need to go and the sooner party bosses on both side of the isle realize this, they sooner the populous will return confidence in those charged with the privilege and responsibility of governing.

Returning the will of the people to governing will make for a better East Texas.

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