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3/24/05-Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill ISD Employee's Grievance Denied Against Superintendent

Automatic weapons on a high school campus are at the center of a Chapel Hill grievance.  Almost 100 parents and faculty turned out for a special board of trustees meeting Thursday night. The lawyer for Jimmy Cunnigham said he was unfairly demoted from Director of Operations for the district to assistant principal of Jackson Elementary School.

Superintendent Joe Stubblefield said Cunningham was moved after he allowed the purchase of two automatic guns for the district's police officer. Those guns were delivered to the high school campus. Cunningham said that's not at issue at all. He claims he was demoted for being a whistle blower, saying Stubblefield used district property for personal use.

The board of trustees upheld the Superintendent's decision.

"I do not know any school boards in the United States that would condone automatic weapons at their schools," said Stubblefield's attorney, Jon McCormick.

Cunnigham's attorney plans to file a lawsuit.

"We hope under the whistle blowers statue, that Mr. Cunningham gets restored back to his former position as Director of Operations," said Cunningham's attorney, Greg Porter. "That's what we will be asking for, and that the unfavorable employment evaluation he was given be removed his record."

Cunningham's attorney said they expect to file suit in the next few weeks. Superintendent Joe Stubblefied could not comment on the board's decision because of the pending lawsuit.

Maya Golden reporting,

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