Better East Texas: A lesson from Cam Newton on accepting defeat

Better East Texas: A lesson from Cam Newton on accepting defeat

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Just prior to the Super Bowl, I delivered a commentary pointing out that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was pretty typical in his showboat style and propensity for seeking the spotlight.

All season, and even during the off-season, Newton delivers paid endorsements and regularly seeks the opportunity to speak his mind. In those instances, he does not hold back when giving his opinion on the caliber of his play. But in my commentary, I stated that criticism of Newton was misplaced.

Well, I heard from several viewers.

John L. wrote, "You were way off base with your comments about the Carolina Panthers. It's not the entire team that is the problem. The problem is Cam Newton. He is everything that's bad about being a role model for kids these days." 

Alta T. echoed that sentiment with, "I strongly disagree with you today. Cam Newton was a really bad sport. I hope the media never lets him forget that is no way for a role model for our young athletes to see."

First of all, it is great to get feedback – even critical – and in this case, I agree with the points made by these viewers, especially after seeing Cam Newton in the post-game press conference.

He missed an opportunity to show those that follow him how to deal with disappointment.

And while he does not need to languish in the label of being a loser, he does need to recognize that if he craves the spotlight in good times, he will receive the spotlight when times are tough. And he needs to deal with it and not retreat.

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