Med Team: Schiavo Will Likely Die Of Thirst

KLTV's own Med Team Dr. Ed Dominguez believes Terri Schiavo will likely die not from starvation, but the lack of fluids her feeding tube provided.

"The most important part, you can't clear out everything you need to clear out [in the body.] The kidneys, which rely on hydration to do that, will wind up shutting down. When the kidney's shut down there's not much hope actually," he says.

Dr. Ed says the medical community is in general agreement that Schiavo will not "feel" pain as she nears death.

"In general people in persistent vegatative states are unlikely to feel pain and there are fairly good studies that suggest that's in fact the case."

Dr. Ed points out that Terri's husband has opted not to run a brain wave scan on Terri -- an electroencephalogram. Dr. Ed says that would give doctors a good idea of how her brain responds to stimulus, including pain.