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Two Children Die In Kilgore Fire

Two small children died after being trapped in the back room of a burning Kilgore home. It happened in north Kilgore, on Williams Street, around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

"By the time I made the block, the flames were rolling out of the house. It was terrible," said neighbor, Patty Feela.

Neighbors and fire crews rushed to a blaze where three small children were trapped. The fire was burning through the center of the building and 22-year old Shannon Jenkins was cut off from her children in a back bedroom. In a horrifying sequence of events, Shannon ran to the back window and tried to break in to get her children out. She could hear their voices on the other side of the wall before they were silenced.

"The fire was so intense and the smoke so heavy that she could not reach them. She could hear them in the room and couldn't reach them," said relative, Joanie Cummings.

Unfortunately, 3 year old Michael Robinson and 1 year old Elizabeth Jenkins didn't make it out alive. Shannon was injured in her failed effort to rescue her children.

"It was unbelievable, surreal. I couldn't believe it. The adults in the home were trying desperately to get the children out," said Cummings.

Six members of the same family lived in the rental home. It did not have any smoke detectors. The cause remains under investigation. The children's bodies were transported to Dallas for autopsy.

Anyone wishing to help the family is asked to contact Kilgore National Bank.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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