East Texans Divided On Schiavo Controversy

It's the right to live -- or the right to die.

East Texans have strong feelings on the battle involving Terri Schiavo. Some say she could recover and that miracles do happen.

"Some people say that she's in a vegetative state and there's no use living -- that she has nothing to live for -- but I believe it's the opposite that she has everything to live for," said one Tyler man.

"God gives us life and does not take it away, and if she is not at a point of death, I think everything possible must be done to save her life," replied another.

Others firmly believe that husband Michael has the right to decide Terri's time has come.

"It's time to let her go. You can love her either way but it's time to let her go," said one Smith County woman.

"They should let the husband decide because I don't feel that she should suffer like that. I'd hate to see her suffer just lay there," said another.

Where should the decision lie? With congress, the courts, the husband, or should the parents be able to take their child back under their wing?

"And the parents -- I can see their point, because if that was my child it would be a hard decision, but who wants their child to live like that? So, I think they should take full responsibility and guardianship for her and let the husband get on with his life. If that's what they want to do."

"I don't see why Congress should get all involved in a personal matter."

It's a debate at the heart of who we are as people and as a nation -- one sharply divided.

Reported by Morgan Palmer. mpalmer@kltv.com