Better East Texas: Super Bowl celebrations

Better East Texas: Super Bowl celebrations

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Carolina Panthers have had a great season are made history with their appearance in Super Bowl 50.

If you follow sports, even from the distant sideline, you may have heard about media coverage on criticism on Cam Newton and the Panthers choreographed celebrations and pep rally type demonstrations. Some have even tried to tie race to the criticisms. And even Cam Newton has expressed that he is something unique – which he is on the skill side but his uniqueness ends there.

People love to hate great teams in any sport. The Dallas Cowboys of the 90s, the New York Yankees of just about any year, the New England Patriots of recent years and the Carolina Panthers of this year. They rolled over most teams they faced and they showboated while doing it. But they aren't that unique.

The Chicago Bears in 1985 produced the Super Bowl Shuffle that polarized many football fans. We see individual celebrations all the time – it is a part of football and many other sports. The media has to fixate on something and all you need these days are a few critical social media posts, some compelling visuals and some outlets generate a story.

So the media as much as anything have made this criticism of the Panthers a thing, and it is misplaced focus. The elements of the game become minimized when these types of distractions are inserted. We, the media, need to resist that type of low hanging fruit and focus on reporting the story rather than creating it and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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