Better East Texas: Surprises from the Iowa caucus

Better East Texas: Surprises from the Iowa caucus

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Iowa caucus has come and passed and there were several surprises, especially if you were watching what the numerous opinion polls were saying.

Most had Donald Trump in the lead by several points and in the end it was Senator Ted Cruz that won out. So, were the polls that far off, were people still making up their mind or was there a big change in candidate preferences in the final hours?

It seems it was a little bit of each of those reasons but in the end, Cruz and even Senator Marco Rubio beat what the pollsters were hearing. It seems that we have heard that Donald Trump is the front runner for months and that may continue as additional primaries are held, but ultimately in Iowa, the establishment candidates won out.

I have said it before, the message of Trump probably has some legitimacy but the packaging of Donald Trump, the personality, has limited appeal. And that is exactly what appears to have happened in Iowa. So we move on to the remaining early primary states – New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada – followed by Texas and the other Super Tuesday states on March first.

The democrats are equally shaken as Senator Bernie Sanders came within a fraction of a point of beating Hillary Clinton and Sanders has the lead – in the polls – in New Hampshire. And so the anti-establishment drum beats on both sides of the political aisle. The question remains, will the candidates listen and respond to the message being delivered.

If one of them does, it could make the difference between winning and losing the nomination.

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