Local Congressman Talks About Vote On Schiavo Bill

The legal battle in Terri Schiavo's right to life case has moved to a federal appeals court in Atlanta . Earlier today, a federal judge in Florida refused her parents' petition to have her feeding tube re-inserted.

The brain-damaged woman has had no nourishment since Friday afternoon, when the tube was disconnected.

The federal court hearing happened because Congress passed a bill overnight Monday authorizing it. First District Congressman, Louie Gohmert, was one of the 203 House members who supported it. We talked with the Congressman earlier today, who says he didn't just vote for it. He was a strong advocate of the bill.

"We give an impartial federal hearing like we were wanting to provide Terri Schiavo, to the most heinous, egregious capital murderers in the country," says Gohmert. "And we have some of the same people that are saying 'let her die, let her die,' who are standing up saying let's give the murderer another hearing and another hearing. My position was, in fairness, why not give her one, a good independent, federal look-see."

Congressman Gohmert was scheduled to speak before the U.S. House in favor of the bill, but time ran out. He was one of 161 House republicans and 100 democrats who returned from their Easter recess to cast a vote, after the Senate passed the same bill on Sunday.

Joe Terrell, reporting. jterrel@kltv.com