More Parts To Stolen Home Found

"You need to come on out!," yells Investigator Mark Waters of Precinct 5 to the suspect holed up inside his home.

"We have a warrant for your arrest. You need to come out with your hands up you understand!!"

Jesse Vega soon surrendered and was cuffed and read his rights. The Lindale man was arrested outside of his home for allegedly stealing parts to another fully constructed house that wasn't his.

"We got a warrant for your arrest. We got a warrant to search your house and all the out buildings for the stolen property," says Investigator Waters to Vega.

Unable to escape this unexpected visit, Vega then led authorities to the stolen house parts.

"All the lumber right there that's got the nails right there, the paint belong out there," says Vega pointing to the stolen house parts in his shed.

"That all came out of the house?," confirms Waters.

"Yes sir," says Vega.

Neatly stacked in the shed behind Vega's house: a large pile of lumber freshly ripped out of its frame. There were several sheets of siding, plumbing pipes, a bathroom sink, even a shower insert. Authorities had a good idea what the items were going to be used for.

"The condition that his house was in, I believe he was fixing up and building. [Vega} was going to use this wood. There's a shower tub, cabinetry, there's a lot of pieces he could use to fix up his own home," says Waters.

Vega is going to be charged with conspiracy. It's a lesson authorities say he learned the hard way.

"Just because you see something that you believe might be free sitting on the side of the road or under construction or maybe being torn down, doesn't give anyone the right to go on the property to remove it without consent of the owner."

Christine Nelson reporting.