Better East Texas: Keep terrorism off screens, and off YouTube

Better East Texas: Keep terrorism off screens, and off YouTube

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - During the current presidential campaign, we have seen a treasure trove of old videos of some of the candidates.

In some cases, it gives us a view of who they were and where they stood on some of the issues. In some cases, the old videos are kind of comical. Most of these are on YouTube so take a look.

This is a great use of YouTube and probably in line with what the creators envisioned for the video sharing site. But one use that continues to be outside of that vision is the use of YouTube and other sites to recruit and convert people to a life of terrorism.

As a world, we have a list of groups and individuals that are considered terrorists and we freeze assets and multiple other restrictions are triggered when a terrorist label is assigned. But there is really no regulation of them on YouTube. And in today's world where page views and likes become the currency of legitimacy, we have a lot of people influenced and radicalized by terrorist-posted content.

YouTube already regulates some pornographic content as well as copyrighted material but they do nothing in the arena of terrorist content and it is beyond the time that they act. Sometimes searches for content are made more difficult but if we have declared that terrorists groups and individuals are outlaws, then they don't need to be afforded the luxury of continuing to reach out through sites like YouTube.

This is one of those times when company leaders need to look in a mirror and do the right thing and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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