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Suspects in Sulphur Springs ATV thefts linked to thefts in several states

(Source: Hopkins County Law Enforcement) (Source: Hopkins County Law Enforcement)
Source: KLTV News Staff Source: KLTV News Staff
Lindale Lowes Suspects (Source: KLTV News Staff) Lindale Lowes Suspects (Source: KLTV News Staff)
Lindale Lowes Suspects (Source: KLTV News Staff) Lindale Lowes Suspects (Source: KLTV News Staff)

Sulphur Springs Police Department is searching for three suspects in connection to ATV thefts from Nortex Tractor in Sulphur Springs.

Police are searching for Christopher Lee Chambers, 29, of Mabank, Dustin Kyle Garcia, 33, of Scurry and  Christopher Brandon Garcia, 34, of Seagoville.

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Leads in early January led to the arrests of seven people connected to the thefts, in addition to the recovery of 12 Polaris Razors and two Rangers. The 14 recovered units were valued at about $234,000.

Six of those units recovered from the November theft are valued at about $74,000 total. The units were recovered in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. 

Police say the suspects involved in the ATV thefts could be part of a larger organized crime ring and have been linked to recent burglaries in Lindale, Tyler, and numerous other jurisdictions in Texas, as well as other states as far east as Tennessee.

Police say the theft ring could also be connected to this attempted burglary at a Lowe's hardware store in Lindale.

Newly-released video from January 9 shows a Red Toyota Rav that police say was scoping out the Lindale Lowe's.

"Later on, the suspects come out at this exact point," says Chad Mcelyea with the Lindale Police Department. The video is now showing two men coming out of the woods. From there, they moved towards and climbed on top of Lowe's, and cut a hole in the ceiling, before dropping down, triggering alarms, and running through the store, trying to get out.

While the suspects essentially left empty-handed that night, police say that's not necessarily true for the organization they say they're a part of.

Back on November 23, in Sulphur Springs, and police say the suspects scoped out and stole ATV’s from Nortex Tractor.

"I've received phone calls and emails from Dallas, all the way to North Eastern Tennessee involving the same suspects, doing either the rooftop burglaries or stealing the ATVs," says Mcelyea.  

Agencies are now looking for those involved in similar break-ins.

"They've actually used these ATVs in some of their burglaries of the buildings and they're moving quick," says Mcelyea.

Mcelyea says they need to be found soon.

"They're hitting Lowe's, they're hitting small mom-and-pop mechanic shops, stealing parts for ATVs; there's not really a specified building that they're hitting because they're going to try to hit anything they can," Mcelyea said.

So police can help stop these thefts from continuing.

"This is no longer just a state issue, it's a southern part of the nation issue, and we're trying to get them stopped before they move any further," says Mcelyea.

Police in Lindale say they've identified, but are not yet releasing the names of, those involved in the Lowe's break-in. They believe some of those suspects may have left the state and are involved in other out-of-state burglaries.

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