Gas Prices Over $2 A Gallon In East Texas

$2.06 a gallon. That's the going price for regular unleaded at several local gas stations. If that's not bad enough, industry analysts predict it could reach $3 a gallon in the coming weeks.

The numbers just keep changing for the worse. And though the prices are steadily getting higher, predictions that it will inch to the $3 mark have even some "experts" finding it hard to believe. "I was a distributor of gasoline for 23 years. I think that's a scare tactic. I don't believe it'll get that high," says Floyd Hinson.

But Floyd also admits he never thought he see it has high as it is today. He's certainly feeling the effects. "When they hit your pocketbook, it hurts."

Consumers told us the price, especially if it continues to rise, will force them to change their plans and their daily lives. "Every year I take a vacation, usually sometimes in the summer. I go snow skiing and usually I take my truck but maybe this time I might fly," says Tommy Kirl.

"I'll just have to really, just park my car and carpool," says Frances Norman.

Amy Tatum, Reporting.

For truckers, the rising gas prices are changing their paychecks. They're having to take cash up front because they can't take a chance of not getting paid. It's also changing their bottom line. "A lot of truckers can't handle this. Their prices are already set and they can't go up. That's when it's going to hurt," says trucker Edward Parks.

As summer approaches that's when industry analysts say we'll see the cost go up even more.

In response to the rising gas prices, today President Bush called on Congress to take action on his energy bill. The President says his bill would lessen the nation's dependence on foreign sources of oil.

Amy Tatum, reporting.