Don't store these foods in the fridge

Don't store these foods in the fridge

(KLTV) - When you get home from the grocery store, sometimes it's difficult to know whether or not you should refrigerate your newly purchased produce.

Next time, keep the following items away from the fridge:

Refrigerating bread can keep it fresh longer, but it can affect the texture.

Keep your honey in the pantry to avoid crystals.

Refrigerating your beans can affect the taste of your coffee. Skip the fridge and store your coffee in a cool, dry place.

Keep your avocados out, at room temperature, for optimum taste and texture.

Bananas should also be stored at room temperature to keep the fruit from turning brown.

To keep your watermelons, cantelops and any other melons ripe, keep them out at room temperature. Refrigerate after cutting.

Refrigerating tomatoes impacts the texture. Too keep them ripe, store your tomatoes at room temperature.

Potatoes should be kept in a cool, dark place, but not as cool as your fridge. Opt for the pantry instead.

Onions should also be kept in a cool, dark place, but away from the potatoes (so they won't affect the taste of the spuds).

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