Make-A-Wish Grants Athens Teen Shopping Spree

Joseph Huff, 14, was on a mission that would take him from one end of Broadway Square Mall to the other.

He told us he was "Just looking for some clothes and a hat. Some shoes."

But he'll get a lot more than he asked for.

First stop: JCPenney, where he received surprise gift packages, full of electronics, games, cologne, and plenty of other goodies. He even got a special store announcement from the supervisor.

Going on a shopping spree is only part of what made today special for Joseph. The other part is something most of us take for granted: being able to walk.

For five months, Joseph was wheelchair bound because his bone cancer had spread throughout his legs, shoulder, and lungs. He was diagnosed eight months ago, but has had the disease for even longer, his stepfather says.

"About two or three months, we kept carrying him up there to the Athens hospital," Karl Nix said. "And they kept telling him it was a young age of arthritis, it was just growing pains."

Joseph's illness wasn't slowing him down today. After picking up some shirts and a few pairs of pants, his next stop was Dillard's: another gift basket to take home and a shiny, new watch. All things Joseph says his family would not have been able to afford.

"Thank you. I'm very appreciative of all of y'all doing this for me," Joseph said.

Now, Joseph has just one more wish: "Just getting rid of my bone cancer."

After spending the afternoon shopping, Joseph ended the day tonight with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's.

Julie Tam, reporting.