Better East Texas: Trump's lack of authenticity could hurt him with voters

Better East Texas: Trump's lack of authenticity could hurt him with voters

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Politicians, especially federal ones have the daunting task of trying to connect with hundreds of different audiences.

Obviously, thousands of people at their campaign stops. So, you would have to expect that the candidates will amend their message some to give some relevance to the current audience. In Iowa, it is very fitting to talk about agriculture issues as well as manufacturing. In Texas, energy and immigration will be some of the top issues. But through it all, the candidates must remain real.

And that is proving to be a challenge for those less experienced on the campaign trail – specifically, Donald Trump. Now, again, all the candidates are challenged in this area but Trump seems to be more challenged than most. His recent speech to students at Liberty University is a prime example where Trump attempted to quote a Bible verse and struggled to get it right and then went on to reinforce that his favorite book is the Bible but that his own book – The Art of Deal – was second.

It is one thing when a candidate uses the "spiritual" strategy but this was not anywhere close to being effective for Trump. In fact, it was very disappointing and ultimately calls into question - is the real Donald Trump and the audience-pandering Trump the same person?

I think some of his policy proposals have merit but, again, the packaging of Trump himself may ultimately get in the way of his success in becoming President of the United States. Candidates must be real in their presentation because the voting block is unforgiving otherwise.

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