Mount Vernon cheerleaders capture first ever Class 3A state championship

Mount Vernon cheerleaders capture first ever Class 3A state championship

MOUNT VERNON, TX (KLTV) - For the first time in the UIL's over 100 year history, cheerleading is considered a sport here in the 2015 and 2016 school year.

That means just like in football, basketball, or softball, a state champion is crowned in each of the classifications. The state competition was held this past weekend at UT-Arlington Mount Vernon came home with the Class 3A title.

When the UIL announced in June of 2014 that cheerleading would be considered a sport, it changed the girls outlook.

"It feels really good that we finally get to be recognized and have our on thing that is just as competitive as any other UIL sport," Mount Vernon junior captain Elizabeth Stone said.

It meant for the first time ever, cheerleading squads at the high school level has an opportunity to bring home a trophy of their own.

"The fact that we could go out and try our hardest and do our best and bring home trophies knowing we did a great job gives us satisfaction," Tori Mitchell said.

Over 50 schools from across the state entered the Class 3A competition. Only 20 advanced to the final, and Mount Vernon was at the top after the preliminary rounds.

"Because we practiced a while, we knew we were good, but I mean it really boosted our confidence," Jocelyn Tidwell said. "We thought we really have a chance at doing this and winning."

Lizzie King added, "I was scared that maybe we would get a little big headed. And kind of just blow it."

But the Lady Tigers didn't come close to a let down. The girls led wire to wire and captured the first ever Class 3A cheerleading state championship.

"It is really amazing that we get to represent Mount Vernon and be the first name in history to have that tile," Stone said.

Mitchell added, "We were the first state champs in this area for cheerleading. It's its cool to know we made history."

And with a trophy to show off, the girls could have possibly changed the perception of cheerleading.

"The football players have had nice things to say about cheerleading now," King said.

Tidwell added, "it is a big deal, and it was a big deal whenever they called our names. I just thought did this really just happen to us from Mount Vernon, a small town."

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