Azalea Trails In Bloom!

And so, it begins. Not even a few hours into the first day of Tyler's famous Azalea Trails, and already droves of onlookers have arrived.

Some on a whim: "We didn't realize this was going on and just saw it in the paper and thought we should come see this," says Al Lent, a visitor from Michigan.

And some come by habit. Shirley Allen of Lindale is a veteran of the trails and is initiating some old friends from Kansas to East Texas.

"You're proud of it. You're proud of how beautiful it is," says Shirley.

"You think Texas is going to be brown and not a lot of green," says Lisa Lock, of Kansas.

Brown? Not a chance, even this woman from Michigan knows that.

"Texas is the size of a small country. You can find just about anything you want in the world in Texas," says Veronica Lent, of Michigan.

Yes, you can. But the beautiful sight doesn't come easy or cheap. Homeowners often spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on their claim to fame. Something the out-of towners are grateful for.

"It just blows my mind, because everything up there is so brown and dead. They're having a real bad winter up in Indiana. We just love these 60 degree temperatures in the afternoon, we just love East Texas," says Mr. Miller of Indiana.

A sentiment shared by many this time of year, no matter where they call home.

Reporting: Braid Sharp