Shop Smart

This doesn't look like your typical grocery store shopping spree.

"This is two pounds, so it should feed 8 people," says Regina Dick, Nutritionist at UT Health Center.

This is Shop Smart. A free class offered by UT Health Center. East Texans tour their favorite store with nutritionist Regina Dick and she teaches tips to healthy eating.

"We try to tailor it not just toward eating healthy but for people who want to lose pounds, have diabetes or high blood pressure."

That's why Derrell Cooper signed up.

'I've gained 50 pounds in the last three years, mainly because of inactivity, and not watching what or how much I eat."

This program teaches a lot about portion sizes.

"You want to remember a typical potato like this is three servings. Remember a potato should be the size of a computer mouse."

She also suggest foods to steer clear from.

"What that tells you is, if you have one of these every day for the year you gain 15 pounds from it."

And she tells you about super foods you should eat, like red bell peppers for Vitamin C.

She also encourages high fiber foods.

"When you look at people who don't gain weight they tend to have more fiber in their diet."

Participants write every tip down so when they hit the store again without Regina they'll shop smart.

Darrell's confident the class will change his health.