In The Kitchen: Ice-Cream Easter Basket Surprise

Ice-Cream Easter Basket Surprise

This is a great dessert for children to make during the holidays. Kids enjoy watching adults "hunt" for the surprise ingredient in this Ice-Cream Basket.


6 Cups softened Vanilla or Chocolate Ice-Cream

Surprise Ingredient:  3 Slices Plain Cheesecake

2 Cups Non-Dairy Whipped Topping

1/2 Cup Coconut

2-3 drops of Green Food Coloring

Jelly Beans, Chocolate Easter Candies, Peeps...

1 20x20 inch piece of Cellophane

1 10 inch or smaller plastic Easter Basket


Line Easter basket with cellophane.

To dye coconut: Add 2-3 drops of green food coloring to coconut. The dye will temporarily discolor fingers. Children enjoy green fingers... so do some adults! Have fun. Use your fingers or stir with spoon.  When green, coconut looks like Easter grass.

Allow ice-cream to soften to consistency of chilled pudding. Add 2 slices of plain cheesecake. Mash cheesecake into ice-cream until well blended. Cut the 3rd slice of cheesecake into bite-size pieces. Gently fold pieces into ice-cream. Pour into lined Easter basket. Freeze 1-2 hours; until firm.

Top ice-cream with whipped topping. Decorate whipped topping with candies. Serve from basket.

NOTE: Do not freeze jelly-beans. Frozen jelly beans can be harmful to teeth.