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Better East Texas: Amending the Constitution


Texas Gov, Greg Abbott is trying to sell the idea of call a constitutional convention to amend the U.S Constitution.

The governor wants to gather enough states together to pass or consider passing nine different constitutional amendments. The announcement has received some publicity both here in Texas and across the nation but this would be a long uphill process.

If you step back and look at our current situation, I believe we see a bigger problem, not with the Constitution, but with those individuals elected to represent us and follow the Constitution. Many Americans are frustrated with all branches of the federal government – legislative, executive and judicial and we feel helpless to do anything about it.

One answer would be to amend the Constitution but that potentially opens up a Pandora’s Box of challenges. It would take the acceptance of 34 states to bring together a constitutional convention to amend the document. And who’s to say there would be any agreement on that wording? And what of the nine amendments?

One of Abbott's suggestions is to create an amendment that requires a balanced federal budget. You would think that would be a logical approach but that has been tried and it failed to make it through the Texas statehouse. Americans are frustrated with the federal government and have been for years. They've also been frustrated with multiple administrations but changing the framework is not the answer. Getting the right people in office is – and it will make for a Better America and Better East Texas.

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