Better East Texas: 'Rolling Stone' El Chapo interview about controversy

Better East Texas: 'Rolling Stone' El Chapo interview about controversy

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - There is a lot of talk through the media about the interview by actor Sean Penn and the notorious drug dealer "El Chappo."

Evidently, Penn met with El Chappo several months ago and did not actually do the interview then. In fact, Penn had to essentially mail in his questions so this exchange had about as much structure as an interview by some elected official answering emails from voters.

This is more about publicity for Rolling Stone and the appearance of Sean Penn somehow landing in some kind of life-threatening situation.

Penn, known for his activism, did take some risk in the process of meeting "El Chappo" initially, but calling this exchange an interview is certainly a stretch.  If you go back recently and examine Rolling Stone's credibility, they have about as much as the national Enquirer. Remember, this is the same Rolling Stone that had to completely retract a story last year about a gang rape at the University of Virginia due to sloppy journalism.

This is also the same Rolling Stone that loves putting controversy on the cover, including a flattering picture of one of the Boston marathon bombers. So here is a supposed big scoop for the magazine, which in some small way it is, and to attach Sean Penn's name to it is a partial reach but in-line with the history of the magazine.

We'll see excerpts from the Q-and-A session and it will more than likely be an attempt to glorify the life of El Chappo" who also had approval over the final version. This is not journalism and really doesn't help the cause of accurate reporting.

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