Low Carb Confusion

People are once again welcoming carbs back into their diets, and it's not because those low carb diets didn't work, they just didn't work long term.

'Sure the low carb works to quickly lose weight. It is effective for that mechanism, but as most people know the problem or the trick really maintaining that weight loss," says Regina Dick.

So what's the diet of the future?

Nutritionist Regina Dick says it's the standard diet of the past, low-fat, good carbs.

'When we look at long term that comes down to low fat, and what I mean by low-fat is having less than 30 percent of calories from fat per day."

The next part of your diet should be made up of healthy carbs.

'We have to focus on carbs that are whole grain. The new recommendation are 3-4 of whole grain, even up to 6 per day, and higher in fiber like brown rice," she says.

And don't forget your fruits and veggies.

"It goes back to the fact that fruits and veggies are a higher carb but we know long term people who lose weight and don't gain weight have intake with fruit and veggie cause fill us up without as many calories"

Following these guidelines will guarantee weight loss success according to Regina, if you always keep in mind small portion sizes.