Streets Of Speed: Green Street

It's one of Longview's oldest neighborhoods.    Still speeders continue to be a problem there.    It's in the 900 block of Green street that's south of Cotton street.

The speed limit on Green street is 35 miles an hour, but as the residents here told us, few drivers are complying with that limit. "I've lived here 30 years. They've always driven pretty fast coming down this street,"  says Bill Vaticalos.

Within a few minutes, we saw just how true that is.   Cars going, 46, 48, 51 and even 54 mph.

One man was clocked at 56 mph.   He was afraid he would get a ticket in the mail.  Once he found that wouldn't happen, he seemed pretty proud of himself for speeding.   He even wavedfor the camera.

This afternoon, traffic wasn't even the biggest problem along this road.  "Between 7:30 and 8 it's really bad," says one neighbor.

We even found one car going 61 in a 35.