Better East Texas: 2016 elections heating up

Better East Texas: 2016 elections heating up

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The race for president is heating up and as more and more Republican candidates fade into oblivion, the leading candidates are focusing more and more on each other.

Donald Trump does more talking about Hillary Clinton and her campaign than anyone else. It is probably smart on his part because he is able to appear as a bonafide candidate which is certainly what the polls reflect. Trump has also brought up President Bill Clinton's past exploits in an attempt to paint Hillary Clinton in a bad light.

It is classic Trump, but in this case, it probably won't work. Bill Clinton's favorability ratings are higher than Hillary's in spite of the facts and circumstances that occurred while he was in office. Trump just isn't having any luck advancing the idea that Bill Clinton is a liability. Ultimately, Hillary Clinton and Trump are at polar opposite ends on most of the issues so it is doubtful that either will convert any followers from the others' camp. But, with the primaries only a few weeks away, the dirty laundry will continue to surface for all the candidates including Trump and Hillary Clinton and how much of it sticks on those two individuals will most likely, and in many ways, unfortunately, determine the outcome of the primaries.

In the meantime, the remaining candidates, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio on the Republican side, will continue knocking on the door to become the front runner themselves. So put on your waders and adult undergarments – it is election 2016.

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