Gift of Love: Shane

Gift of Love: Shane

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of outdoor fun for 8-year-old Shane at the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum and Park. He is very intelligent, sensitive, and this 2nd grader is a straight A student.

"Math and Science," Shane said.

Shane also absolutely loves recess.  Basketball and football are at the top of his list and he is quite the fisherman.  Shane would likely thrive in a rural environment with a family who enjoys the outdoors together.  As for his future, Shane has several careers he'd like to pursue.

"Either construction or a farmer or a firefighter," Shane said.

But says he wants to be a firefighter the most.

"Because I like to squirt water... swish," Shane said.

As for farming, Shane is all about the equipment.

"Because you get to ride a tractor and I like tractors," Shane said.

Shane also says that he really enjoys building stuff especially with tools.  When it comes to his forever family, Shane says he would like a mom and a dad and some brothers and sisters too. And it's important to Shane that the family go to church together.
"Because I believe in God," Shane said.

Shane loves the outdoors, dogs, fishing, 18 wheelers, tractors, and hamburgers!  Shane's favorite color is blue and he likes Star Wars. He says he's not a big eater but does like plain vanilla ice cream for dessert.     He also likes video games.

"Play on an X Box all day," Shane said.

Shane says he looks forward to family outings, going out to eat and taking family vacations. Shane says he would like to visit New York.

Shane says he is ready to be adopted.

"Because my family can't take care of me," Shane said.

And so he wants to find a family that will take care of him and will show Shane the Gift of Love.

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