Judge Dempsey Says Commissioners' Actions "Improper"

Amid much controversy, three commissioners -- JoAnn Hampton, Don Pinkerton, and Bobby Van Ness -- voted Monday to move the Litter Abatement Program from one precinct to another.

However, Judge Becky Dempsey does not agree with how they handled the program's officer.

She told us she thinks "it was improper for those three commissioners to make the determination on their own to transfer Danny Brasher from Constable Creath's office to Constable Taylor's because the county had a letter from the COG that it had to go through the proper chain of command to transfer the grant money."

Judge Dempsey says she doesn't know how she'll handle the commissioners' actions.

Now, the county is at risk of losing its $30,000 grant from ETCOG, the East Texas Council of Governments.

Just after Brasher received the news, he was admitted to the hospital with chest pains. He's still in the hospital tonight.

Julie Tam, reporting.