Tyler Economy Growing, Needs More Diversification

Tyler's economy is looking good.

The city's Economic Development Council released last year's trends and predicts continued growth this year.

Unemployment has remained under 5 percent for the last six years. And they say thanks in part to the HGTV dream home, housing sales went up by 42 percent last year.

While the overall economic outlook is positive, there is at least one area the council is working on improving.

"We're constantly working on continued diversification of our economy," Tom Mullins, the council's director, said. "Trying to make sure that we don't have a dependence on one or two major sectors of the economy. Try to have a lot of growth balance across a number of different sectors. And so that is always a goal and so far that is working for Tyler and Smith County."

Along those lines, construction activity for new businesses have continued to climb for the third straight year.

Julie Tam, reporting.