Vendor releases list of top 2015 specialty license plates

Vendor releases list of top 2015 specialty license plates

AUSTIN, TX (KLTV) - An organization that sells specialty license plates has released lists of its top plates purchased in 2015.

My Plates categorized the personalized plates by group, including Texas Pride, College Sports, Plate Speak, Romance and Humor.

The company says 80 percent of the plates it sells are sold with a personalized message. A specialty plate is any official license plate other than the state's general issue plate.

According to My Plates, Harris County, which is the most populated county in the state, purchased the highest number of personalized plates in 2015. By zip code, Katy, Texas residents purchased the most speciality plates. McKinney came in second place. League City, Sugarland and Pearland also landed in the top five.

My Plates has sold more than 250,000 specialty plates.

Top Personalized Plates for 2015

Best Texas Pride Plates 2015

  • 7TH GEN (on an Est. 1836 plate)
  • F4EVER (Reads Texas Forever)
  • Best College Plates 2015
  • TWELFTH (on an Aggie Plate)
  • FUNDVL (Reads fun devil on an ASU plate)
  • EYE OF (Reads eye of the Tiger on an LSU plate)

Best Plate Speak Plates 2015

  • M262THN (26.2 Miles = Marathon)
  • IMNVRL8 (Reads “I’m never late”)
  • UR A & (STAR symbol)

Best Romantic Plates for 2015

  • PS I@U (reads PS I Love you)
  • UNWED (on Yellow Rose plate)
  • WE@THE on a Cowboys plate (Reads “We love the Dallas Cowboys”)

Cutest Plates for 2015

  • ANML@R (using the heart on Protect Wild Animals Plate)
  • AAAWWW (on the Protect Wild Animals plate)

Funniest Plates 2015

  • UNMPLYD (on a Texas Oil & Gas plate)
  • FERD (on a Ford vehicle, that’s how the owner pronounces it)

Best Movie-Themed Plates 2015

  • MR YODA & MS YODA (a couple of fans)
  • 1SPY007 (a fan of Bond)
  • LGHTSBR (another Star Wars fan)

Best Sports-Related Plates 2015

  • OCKETS (next to the R logo reads Rockets on the Rockets plate)
  • H2O POLO (A water polo fan)
  • I@2AIM (I love to aim on a Hunting plate)

Best Auto-Related Plates 2015

  • FJUAN50 (on an F150 truck)
  • ADD MUD (on a 4x4)
  • DADILAC (Dad’s Cadillac)

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