Better East Texas: Turning appeal into votes

Better East Texas: Turning appeal into votes

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - We are seeing the end of the traditional Republican candidate.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are leading the polls and while there has been some shuffling between the other candidates, these two are the front runners and presumably will be the ones to battle it out for the Republican nomination. That doesn't sit well will many voters, but it is what poll responders are feeling. The question is whether it will translate into votes for these two.

While you can try to point to the appeal of these two candidates, it is realistically more the frustration with the current state of the federal government that is driving much of their popularity. This is not the first time that a candidate has risen largely positioned as an outsider against the D.C. system. Perhaps you remember and perhaps you will have to go back in history to the presidential election of 1976, where a Washington outsider, Jimmy Carter, won the presidential election.

America had a really bad taste in its mouth as a result of the corruption of the Nixon administration and the populous wanted an outsider. Enter President Jimmy Carter. But his weaknesses were quickly revealed through the Iranian hostage crisis, the boycott of the Olympics in Russia and the energy crisis. His administration went through huge challenges.

No telling where these outsider candidates will end up at this point, but we can't ignore that we have been here before. The presidential election in 2016 will be a turning point no matter who wins and, as a country, we need that, we just better be ready for it.

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