Better East Texas: The story of affluenza teen

Better East Texas: The story of affluenza teen

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The story of the affluenza teen just won't end.

This is the Fort Worth area teenager that crashed his pickup into a group of people, killing four, and who appears to be on the run. The flight from justice apparently includes the teen and his mother and stems from a video of the teen at a beer pong party. The use of alcohol would be a violation of his probation.

The legal defense team won probation in the case by introducing "affluenza" as the contributing factor. The defense stated his irresponsible lifestyle was a result of his parents' wealth and that he had been coddled. It worked and he received probation. Now, mom and son are on the run.

This may only be one case, but it is a symptom of a larger challenge in our society.

Gone are the days of building respect for what we have. Gone are the days of earning your spot in our community. Gone are those days, especially for many young people. The sense of entitlement has overshadowed the truth that you are a product of your actions. It is sad to see it in the case of the affluenza teen and the mother.

But there is an opportunity in this as we enter the New Year and each of us can take some time and reconcile our priorities and the priorities that we share with others. It can be a time to adjust and as difficult as it might be, change - change for the better, for the long term, resisting the sugar high of short term gratification. Happy New Year and here's hoping for a Better East Texas.

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