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Better East Texas: Only casualties in GOP, Trump clash are American voters


Donald Trump and the Republican Party are on a collision course. And that does not bode well for either in their mutual search to claim the Whitehouse in 2016.

You may remember that Mr. Trump pledged not to run as on independent along with all the other republican presidential candidates earlier this year. It set the stage for him becoming and remaining the front runner and it has helped him stay there by giving him the loudest voice in the debates and support on the campaign trail.

But recent statements by Trump have been rejected by the leadership of the Republican Party. This includes the formal leaders as well as other elected officials that normally remain silent during the election process.

Obviously, the candidates that are vying with Trump for the nomination are going to disagree with him but what we are seeing is out of the ordinary and something will have to give. It may part a grand plan by candidate Trump to secure the spotlight and then keep it through each news cycle. If so, he has been doing a masterful job because all of the other candidates are forced to talk about The Donald instead of their own beliefs.

Ultimately, Donald Trump and the Republican Party are not on the same page. It may manifest itself with Trump leaving the party at some point and running as an independent which, would most likely send a democrat to the White House because of the fracturing of the vote.

Either way, the fireworks will continue, but I fear that the American voter will ultimately get burned.

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