Better East Texas: The threat of government shutdown

Better East Texas: The threat of government shutdown

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It seems like an event as regular as the changing of the seasons.

I am speaking of the threat to shut down the government as Congress wrestles with a government funding bill. We will most likely have an extension but we are even used to that. What makes this exercise a little different is that this is the first time new Speaker Of The House, Paul Ryan, has been at the helm and it is his first big public test on his leadership to bring together the divided factions of the House and even some impact on the Senate.

Speaker Ryan has pledged that a delay or temporary funding will be in the spirit of getting it right the first time on an extended funding bill. That message also translates that he does not yet have everything lined up for a longer bill passage. I think most people can give Speaker Ryan a small pass on getting this through without the usual posturing on the potential of the federal government grinding to a halt but that pass will be short-lived if that rhetoric surfaces and the American people start seeing that it is business as usual for Congress.

While Congress might not tackle any huge issues in the coming election year, they absolutely must have some small victories that will generate just a little confidence from the American people. Our country needs a rallying point and Paul Ryan and Congress can be that if they will just commit putting the welfare of the country first and partisan biases second.

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