Gift of Love: Adam and Andrew

Gift of Love: Adam and Andrew

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of checking out all the cool bikes at the Harley Davidson store for brothers Adam and Andrew. These brothers are looking for a forever family who can offer them the commitment of a lifetime and all the care and love to go with it.

Both boys are athletic and enjoy sports. Andrew and Adam hope to one day play on a sports team at school. The teenagers love to share laughs and jokes with their peers. 
Adam says he hopes to be a Sheriff some day.

"Because I like to help people," Adam said.

This 15-year-old also likes to spend time outside.
"Throw the football around or play some games," Adam said.

But that's not all, Adam hopes to find a family that doesn't mind getting a little dirty!

"Go mudding," Adam said excitedly.

And he wants to go to Mud Nationals too! Adam would also enjoy going hunting with his family.
"And to drive four-wheelers and to drive dirt bikes. Drive anything I can drive," Adam said.

Andrew is outgoing and respectful to others. But he is a little camera shy.He likes hanging out with this friends and being outside playing basketball.  Andrew is a hard worker and enjoys earning his own money.

When it comes to their forever family, both boys just want to be loved.

"I don't care if it's just a mom or just a dad or both. It really doesn't matter... Preferably to live in the country," Adam said.
 But most importantly, Andrew and Adam just hope to find a family that will show them the Gift of Love.

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