Better East Texas: Reviewing debate season

Better East Texas: Reviewing debate season

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Debate season for 2015 is over with both the Republican and Democratic debates through for now.

If you follow the debates, you have seen the best and worst of the candidates. Regardless of who is your favorite, we watch the debates, oftentimes, less for substance and more for the candidates' ability to handle the pressure of a live event, the ability to deliver, seemingly, unrehearsed answers and then there is the abstract measures of stage presence and charisma.  In a nutshell, the debates prove or disprove the ability of a candidate to be a strong orator and communicator.

That is a major part of what got Ronald Reagan elected back in the 80s. But we really don't learn much new about the candidates actual intentions from the debates. These forums, for the most part, reinforce how we feel about particular candidates.

If you went into the debate with a favorite, then, you probably kept that position. But I strongly recommend going to each of the candidates' websites to see their specific plans. The sites, for the most part, outline specifically what the candidates' priorities are and what they will do on important issues. It is a good education and it is in their own words, not those of an interpreter or someone picking and choosing what they consider the headlines to be.

The web affords the opportunity to connect and hear the candidates like never before and we need to utilize it and not rely on a few soundbites to determine the next president – it is that important – and will make for a Better East Texas.

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