Fixing Computer Vision Syndrome

A few months ago, typing a spread sheet was impossible for Debra Oge'.

"It was pretty rough really. I couldn't see, headaches, a lot of eye strain," she explains.

Debra suffered from computer vision syndrome.

"When you're looking at the screen , the words started running together and blurring."

So she turned to her eye doctor for help. Debra thought all she would need was a stronger prescription, but after a short eye test, Debra learned her computer vision syndrome could be fixed with a special set of glasses, called Prio lenses.

"We measure the power needed for them while working at the computer, at the right distance so the glasses actually do the focusing for the patient. Their eyes are not doing all the work," said Dr. Neshia Rudd of Today's Vision.

"It's absolutely perfect. Big difference. I can't go on the computer without them," explains Debra.

Debra says she can work much longer with the glasses on and is more productive.

The glasses cost about 200 dollars. For more information call Dr. Rudd at 903-534-8349.