Longview House Fire Ruled Arson

Investigators are calling a Longview house fire a case of arson, after the homeowner receives threats, which may have led to the blaze. It was just before 8 last night that neighbors in the 1200 block of Griffin noticed that a nearby home was on fire.

"It looked like a big ole bonfire hanging on the back side of this house over here, all of the sudden the fire started hitting the power lines and I said everybody get back," said neighbor Raymond L. Strange.

The blaze destroyed everything in the home occupied by a couple and two children. Raymond Strange was visiting family in the area when he saw what was going on, and not knowing that the family was not at home, he tried to help any one who may have been trapped inside.

"And I started kicking in the doors and windows and hollering for help and anybody in there" he said. 

Officials say this was no accident someone intentionally set this fire on the back side of the building.

"Right now we're ruling this incendiary, this is and arson fire and an ongoing investigation," said Longview assistant fire Marshal Mark Moore.

Neighbors say the homeowner had received several threats from someone he had a dispute with, which now has investigators interested.

The family had two small children, and we're expecting another. And the fire took every last thing they had, and for some there is only one way to make sense of it all, find who did it.

--Bob Hallmark, reporting.