Proud Of East Texas: Lottie Davison

Teddy Roosevelt was president when Lottie Davison was born in 1905 and seventeen additional presidents have served since then. Davison's life has spanned six wars, from the first World War to Operation Iraqi Freedom, thousands of inventions, including television and the Internet, and transportation from real horse power to rockets. Davison's century of life has taken her around the world to countries in Europe, the Far East, and the Middle East. She still does a lot of traveling, although it's in her car and most of it is around Mineola on errands and to visit sick friends.

Davison was a leading business woman at a time when few women worked outside the home. She owned the Farentha Beauty Parlor in Tyler from 1935 until 1964 and vividly remembers that she was giving a lash and brow dye when she heard the news of the New London School explosion. Friends and family say that Lottie Davison's smile and her ability to laugh are what set her apart. She agrees that laughter, along with hard work and trying to do what is right, are probably the reasons she's lived so long.

Joan Hallmark, reporting