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3/11/05-Rusk County

Tons Of Trash Dumped In Rusk County

A hunter in Rusk County says someone dumped massive amounts of garbage on his deer lease and he wants it cleaned up. Deer hunter Randy Murray is disgusted with what he's seen over the last year.  His deer lease in northern Rusk County off Loop 322 has become a popular dump site, with at least four tons of garbage spreading across what used to be a place he came to for its natural beauty.

"I was very angry, then I moved from that to just being appalled that anyone would do this sort of thing," Murray says.

Bags and bags of household trash, old tires, appliances, even fishing gear have been dumped in the area.

"We've had some off and on for the last eight years that I've had it but nothing substantial like this," says Murray.

An avid outdoorsman, Murray thinks the dumping is a crime against nature. The Rusk County constable investigating this says it appears that whoever is doing this came back time and time again.  He says the trash is dumped in intervals, and tons of it was dumped each time. A paper trail of names were found, but investigators believe this could be a cleaning service or someone contracted to clean properties, who are dumping massive amounts each time.

"Maybe somebody just cleaning out a bunch of houses or something, yeah I got some papers here with a name and address on it, (that will) make a good start," says Rusk County Constable Ben Ferrell.

"It's a violation of nature.  It's a bad thing, I'd like to see whoever dumped this trash, have them come out here and clean it up and restore it to the way it was before all this started happening," said Murray.

Murray hopes punishing those who did this, will stop it from happening again.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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