Small Town Of Van Flushed With Hoops Fever

All the way to state.
The Van boys' basketball team has fought all season long and Saturday they will battle to become the state 3-A champions.
If they win, it will be the school's first basketball championship in more than 60 years. The town of Van is taking it's battle cry all the way to the state capitol.
"They need to watch out," said William Love, "we're coming to bring the metal back home."
Their team is "On A Mission Down Interstate 35" and in this small town there's a big buzz.
"I think everybody's real excited and hopefully they'll win," said Albert Santos.
From the gas station, to the beauty parlor, the high school to the church steps Van is bursting with big red and white pride.
At Love's Feed and Seed, there's nothing but love for the Vandals.
"This speaks for themselves," said William Love. "This is a very well mannered group of young men."
Thursday in Austin the boys clinched a chance to become the next champion. Back home, the feeling was electric.
"What was my reaction?" asked Mary Taylor, "when my husband came in I just popped him one, I was just so happy!"
At Kim's Kuttin-Up Salon, the talk isn't perms and curls, it's hook shots and hoops.
"I had my radio up so loud I think they heard it in the country because it was blaring," said Mary Taylor while getting her hair done. "Everybody could hear it."
"Oh we're excited," said stylist Kim Ford, "just as excited as everybody else is."
Now, the town is hoping the team can pull out another victory and the Vandals will steal the glory from Graham.
Everyone not making the trip told us the same thing, you can make a sure beat on where Van residents will spend their Saturday morning.
"Listening to the game," said Mary Taylor, "and having it up where everybody in my neighborhood can hear it if they want."
The game is Saturday at 10:30 in the morning at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin. You can listen in on the action locally on KMOO, 99.9 FM.

Maya Golden reporting,