New York Ballet Dancers In Longview

Some very special visitors from the "city that never sleeps" are back in Longview for a highly anticipated annual event. It's the fourth year in a row that four dancers from the New York city ballet have come to perform with members of the Longview ballet theatre.

The Big Apple dancers will join the Longview ballet theatre members for the ballet version of "Don Quixote". For the new York dancers themselves, it's a trip they look forward to each year.

"I'm elated. I thought the first year we came down here was an amazing experience and I thought it was a one of a kind experience, and I really didn't expect to come back year after year", says New York dancer Amanda Edge.

"It's definitely grown on me , I mean it's just every year it's like a family now with everyone involved its just a great experience for me", said Seth Orza of the New York City Ballet.

Performances of Don Quixote will be at T.G. Field Auditorium Friday night and Saturday at 7:30 PM; and Sunday at 2:30 in the afternoon. Tickets are 25 dollars for Friday's performance and 20 dollars on Saturday and Sunday.