Better East Texas: Giving thanks for local businesses

Better East Texas: Giving thanks for local businesses

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - This is obviously a great time of year to give thanks.

If you have been following the local news recently, then you know that locally-owned Brookshire Grocery Company was exploring selling to another grocer. This was unsettling for just about everyone in East Texas.

Here was a local brand that, like so many others, was about to fade away. Now it is doubtful that many if any, stores would have been closed, but the decision would have affected the psyche as much as anything. But Brookshire's has decided not to sell for the time being.

So, I am thankful for Brookshire's and all the hundreds of locally-owned businesses that provide tens of thousands of jobs in East Texas.

But these businesses also reflect the local owners that take the risks, become giant killers in their retail categories, and provide a livelihood for many in our area. These businesses have greater flexibility on where they purchase their offerings and typically don't answer to a Wall Street stock evaluation. These local owners are the ones that give back as well, charitably in the form of cash, but also with services, including everything from free or discounted products to a parking lot for a youth car wash. They give back too with sweat equity by working the longest hours, sacrificing along the way but always keeping their business in mind and keeping the local economy strong.

So this season of giving, when you can, consider shopping locally, it will make for a Better East Texas.

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